New Testpieces for 2017

Somewhat Broken Music are excited to continue to publish testpieces for a variety of difficulty levels.

Click the ‘testpieces’ picture to be taken to our testpiece catalogue.

IN THE ANCIENT OF DAYS – Championship / A Grade
Based upon the Welsh hymn ‘Bleinwern’, In The Ancient of Days is a very modern take on theme and variations.

FIRE IN THE FLOOD – 1st/2nd Section / B Grade
A very clear three-section fast-slow-fast testpiece. The slow movement is very pretty and it is sandwiched between a Fanfare-esque 1st movement and a Scherzo last movement.

Recently set as the Queensland State C grade testpiece (2016), Journey to Alpha Centauri is in seven movements and tells the hypothetical tale of a journey to the nearest star after our sun. Very fun to play and even more fun to listen to.

New Year, New Website

Happy 2017 everyone. We’re so happy to launch our brand new website and to get away from Wix!

You’ll be able to have a much better experience, as well as the ability to download PDFs instantly, without having to always wait for the postie!

Hope you enjoy – and if you have any issues, questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you. Click here for our contact page!